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Ropes Course

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Something for everyone...

Experience the thrill and excitement as you challenge your self! on our high level ropes course, tackling the many exciting elements such as the "leap of Faith", " All aboard", "Crisis Cross" and the 90 mts Zip Wire which hurls you down the old railway line.

Our philosophy is one of "Challenge by Choice", where participants make their own choices as to the level of challenge they wish to undertake on the day and are given high levels of support and encouragement from our experienced staff. This may range from active roles and functions, which do not require them to leave ground level to undertaking the most demanding of challenges.
By the end of the day we aim to have helped you to increase and develop your self confidence, have a better understanding of your colleagues' strengths and weaknesses, as well as challenging yourself and of course, having a good fun day.
All Aboard


We have a number of elements to test your head for heights, starting off on the lower levels with Indian Rope Bridge & Monkey swings, then progressing to slightly hirer with Postman's Walk and Criss Cross, then finishing off with the top two Balance Log and Grape Vine. Just when you think, you have Conquered your fear of heights we have the Ultimate challenge "The Leap of Faith" the day is not over yet! to finish we have the the aerial runway our 90 meter zip line.


The ropes course can be mixed with other activities such as Archery, Raft Building, Land Carting, Canoeing, Kayaking, Clay Shooting & Climbing on the Tower. making a great day out!
Indian Rope Bridge:- A ladder with a difference. Laid horizontally makes climbing a ladder a doodle! No hands and only 10 feet off the ground!
Ropes Bridge
: -
A very popular task. Two ropes -one for your hands and one for your feet. Balance would help!
Postmans Walk
Balance Log: This will test your head for heights and get the adrenaline flowing as you walk along the log 32 feet above the ground (10 meters- as High as the top of the roof on your house)
Balance log Photo
Criss Cross:- Two ropes criss crossing at the centre. A challenge to test your agility and hand/eye co-ordination.
Criss Cross
If height's are not a problem then this is for you! Trying to hold on to those vines while you cross the divide is not as easy as you think! (Especially when you are 32 feet in the air!)
Monkey Swings:-

Swings that are not to sit on but to stand on! all you need to do is to cross the gap by stepping from Swing to swing!
Sounds simple! we will see?


Jumping for a trapeze bar sounds easy... not if you are 32 feet (10m) off the ground and trying to balance on top of a wobbly pole! This activity will push you beyond your comfort zone to break through fear and to build a higher self-esteem.

You set the distance you want to jump before launching yourself across the void to grasp hold of the trapeze bar. You will be pleased to know that you will be safely attached to a harness, dynamic climbing rope and a good belay team. In terms of adrenaline, motivation and sheer personal confidence, this element stands as the 'ultimate challenge' in the memories of most participants.
Leap of Faith photo
Leap of Faith photo 2
Zip Wire

The day would not be complete without a ride on our aerial runway! A nerve shaking, heart racing, adrenaline pumping, 90 meter zip wire -The ultimate end to a fantastic day!!

Zip Wire photo
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